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Passover Schedule

Sunday, April 9
7:22 pm… Bedikat Hametz/Search for Leaven (after)

Fast of the First Born/Erev Pesah
1st Seder
Monday, April 10
6:45 am….. Shaharit,  Siyyum, and Breakfast of First Born
10:59 am… Latest time to eat hametz
11:59 am… Latest time to burn/sell hametz
6:30 am….. Ma’ariv
7:23 pm….. First Seder, Yom Tov Candle Lighting

Pesah Day 1, 2nd Seder
Tuesday, April 11
9:30 am….. Shaharit
6:30 pm….. Minha, Ma’ariv
8:23 pm….. Second Seder, Yom Tov Candle Lighting, after

Pesah Day 2
Wednesday, April 12
9:30 am….. Shaharit
7:30 pm….. Minha
8:28 pm….. End of Hag

Hol HaMoed Pesah Day 3
Thursday, April 13
6:45 am….. Shaharit
7:45 pm….. Ma’ariv

Hol HaMoed Pesah Day 4
Friday, April 14
6:45 am….. Shaharit
6:30 pm….. Ma’ariv
7:27 pm….. Candle Lighting

Hol HaMoed Pesah Day 5/Shabbat
Saturday, April 15
9:30 am….. Shaharit
7:10 pm….. Minha, Torah Study, Ma’ariv

Hol HaMoed Pesah Day 6
Sunday, April 16
9:00 am….. Shaharit (Torah Reading)
6:30 pm….. Ma’ariv
7:29 pm….. Candle Lighting

Pesah Day 7
Monday, April 17
9:30 am….. Shaharit
6:30 pm….. Ma’ariv
8:30 pm….. Candle Lighting

Pesah Day 8
Tuesday, April 18
9:30 am….. Shaharit (including Yizkor)
7:45 pm….. Minha
8:34 pm….. Yom Tov Ends

Please note, the schedule above is subject to change, please check your emails for any changes and notifications.

Passover Events

Passover Collections

The Capitol Kosher Pantry is collecting kosher food that it will distribute within our community after Pesach.  You can make a difference in the lives of those who are food-insecure.

Bring Your Donations to Har Shalom between March 13 and April 5

 All items must be nonperishable and unopened – in cans, boxes or bags.  No glass jars please!