5774 / 2013-2014

Sept. 6 – Parashat Ki Teitzei – Parashat Ki Teitzei

Jul. 26 – Parashat Mas’ei – Reflections Upon Returning From Israel

Jun. 18 Vigil for kidnapped Israelis

Jun. 14 – Parashat Shelah – The Faith of the Past = The Faith of the Future

May 31 – Parashat Naso – People Blessing People

May 24 – Parashat Bemidbar – Finding God in the Wilderness

May 10 – Parashat Behar – You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

Mar. 8 – Parashat Va-yikra – Reflections on AIPAC

Feb. 15 -Parashat Ki Tissa – The Moses Vaccine

Jan. 18 – Parashat Yitro – Jews know a lot about having enemies, but how adept are we at having friends?

Parashat Va-yeishev – Remembering Kennedy

Parashat Va-yishlah – Wrestling: The National Sport of the Jewish People

Parashat Va-yeitze – Smooth Talking Villains

Parashat Hayyei Sarah – Will the Real First Jew Please Stand Up

Parashat Va-yera – Recovering Faith Following Disappointment

Parashat B’reishit – God Created Beginnings


5773 / 2012-2013

Parashat Ki Tavo – Why the Ketubah Was Not Composed by Hallmark

Parashat Hukkat – Making Sense of Irrational Commandments

Parashat B’ha-alot’kha – A Theology for Living in a World of Suffering

Parashat Behar-Behukkotai – Besieged by Bullying

Parashat Naso – The ‘Scandal’ of the Sotah

Parashat Emor – My Evening at the Mosque: Why I Went and What I Learned

Parashat Aharei Mot-Kedoshim – Human Beings: Better off never having been created or ‘little less than angels?’

Parashat Tazria-Metzorah – “Projection: We All Do It, But Some Dangerously More than Others”

Yom HaShoah – Holocaust and Heroism Day

Parashat Tzav/Shabbat Ha’Gadol – What Does Elijah Have to do with Passover?

Parashat Vayikra – You’ve Got to Have Skin in the Game

Parashat Yitro – What I (Just) Learned in Kindergarten

Shabbat Shira / Tu B’Shvat – The Survivor Tree

Parashat BoFinite Disappointment and Infinite Hope

Parashat Va’era – Why Moses Sat Out the First Thee Plagues

Parashat Shemot – How Moses’s near death experience may very well have saved his life

Parashat Vayechi – The Happiest Person in the Bible

Parashat Va-yetzei – A Moral & Religious Defence of Israel’s Actions in Gaza

Parashat Hayyei Sarah – Being Content Because You Did Your Part

Parashat Va-yera – Facing (& Acing) Life’s Inevitable Tests

Parashat Lekh L’kha – From Covenant to Crime: Why 21st Century Europe is Attempting to Ban Judaism’s Oldest Ritual

Parashat No-ah – Decrying Lip Service; Humans Must Speak From Within

Parashat B’reishit – Malala Yousufszai & Anne Frank: Profiles in Courage


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