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Virtual Learning Archive

:Daily Dose of Torah:

A short blast of Jewish wisdom each day with conversations with interesting people about the parasha:

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Monday: David Helfand

Tuesday: Rabbi Irv Elson

Wednesday: Rabbi Janet Ozur Bass

Thursday: MollyBeth Rushfield

Friday: Rabbi Raskin

Watch and then read the discussion questions below.

* What are you feeling particularly grateful for this week?

* What prayer or blessing could you incorporate into your routine at home to express your gratitude?

* When and where do you feel “holy” inside your home?

* Can you think about recipients for the tzedakah that you have in tzedakah boxes in your house?

* Have you been surprised to see the empty shelves in the grocery stores? How has that made you feel about abundance and scarcity?

* Do you have Judaica or Jewish books that are mostly ornamental? How could you put them to use in fulfilling mitzvot and growing Jewishly?

* What symbols, heirlooms, pictures, or ritual items do you have at home that you could share with family members as a way of talking about your Jewish values, practices, and priorities?

:Passover 2020:

*“Leading a Seder for the First Time? Everything you need to know!”
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*“Easy Passover Preparation 101”
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*“New Thoughts on an Old Prayer: Saying Mourner’s Kaddish Virtually”
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“Rabbi Raskin versus The Giant:
A Special Message For Rosh Hodesh Nissan

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^"Isn’t Chol Ha’Moed an Oxymoron?"
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Sat, October 31 2020 13 Cheshvan 5781