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Sukkot 5782

Erev Sukkot: Monday, Sept. 20
6:30PM | Ma'ariv (In person in the Stein Family Chapel and Zoom) - No Contemplative Practice
6:50PM | Candle Lighting

Sukkot, 1st Day: Tuesday, Sept. 21
9:30AM | Shaharit (with lulav and etrog) (In person Outside in the Tent, LiveStream, and Zoom)
6:30PM | Ma'ariv (Zoom only)
7:52PM | Candle Lighting

Sukkot, 2nd Day: Wednesday, Sept. 22
9:30AM | Shaharit (with lulav and etrog) (In person Outside in the Tent, LiveStream, and Zoom)
7:45PM | Ma'ariv & Havdalah (Zoom only)
7:50PM | End of Yom Tov

Hol HaMoed Sukkot: Thursday, Sept. 23
8:00AM | Shaharit (Zoom only with lulav and etrog)
7:45PM | Ma'ariv  (Zoom only - Contemplative Practice)

Erev Shabbat Hol HaMoed Sukkot: Friday, Sept. 24  
8:00 AM | Shaharit  (Zoom only)
6:30PM | Ma'ariv (In-person and Zoom)
6:43PM | Candle Lighting

Shabbat Hol HaMoed Sukkot: Saturday, Sept. 25
9:30AM | Shaharit (In-person, LiveStream, and Zoom)
7:45PM | Havdalah

Hol HaMoed Sukkot: Sunday, Sept. 26
9:00AM | Shaharit (Zoom only)
7:45PM | Ma'ariv (Zoom only)

Hoshanah Rabah / Erev Sh'mini Atzeret: Monday, Sept. 27
8:00 AM | Shaharit (with lulav and etrog)  (Zoom only)
6:30PM | Ma'ariv (Zoom only) - No Contemplative Practice
6:38PM | Candle Lighting

Sh'Mini Atzeret/Erev Simhat Torah: Tuesday, Sept. 28
9:30AM | Shaharit (including Yizkor at approx. 10:30AM) (In person Outside in the Tent, LiveStream, and Zoom)
7:15PM | Ma’ariv, Hakafot & Dancing with Torahs, special treat for both kids & adults (In person Outside in the Tent, LiveStream, and Zoom until Hakafot; streaming will resume at approx. 8:15PM for Mourner's Kaddish
7:40PM | Candle Lighting 

Simhat Torah: Wednesday, Sept. 29
9:30AM | Shaharit (In person Outside in the Tent, LiveStream, and Zoom until Hakafot) - Join us to honor Jacob Handelsman, Hatan Torah, and Carly Litwok, Kallah Bereishit
10:15AM (approx.) | Hakafot & Dancing with Torahs (In-person only - OUTDOORS) - streaming will resume at approx. 10:45AM for Mourner's Kaddish
7:39PM |  End of Yom Tov


This year,  we are offering Standard ($55), Deluxe ($65), and Premium ($80) options. Please email Joanna at

Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782